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Verbal Judo


Verbal Judo was founded by Dr. George Thompson in 1983. Since Dr. Thompson (aka “Doc Rhino”) passed away June 7th, 2011, his team of associates are dedicated to continuing his message and his legacy and have taught his unique content to over 1 million students.

Dr. Thompson’s goal was to provide verbal tactical skills for anyone who works or deals with people.

The mission of the Verbal Judo Institute is to create a S.A.F.E.R.© world by delivering practical and easy to learn strategies which empower people to effectively de-escalate conflict and potential violence. To begin, the student is taught the 5 universal truths to keep in mind for every interaction. This course will provide you the tools necessary to generate voluntary compliance under pressure, reduce stressful verbal encounters, to understand when words fail, and will provide you the options needed when one meets verbal resistance. Doc Rhino’s ultimate goal was to make sure that everyone went home at night.

At 3D Security, we are pleased to bring this training to provide our valuable team members the skills to attempt to escalate situations before they erupt.

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