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Condominium Concierge


There are times where your condominium needs service above and beyond what the traditional security guard / agency can offer. It is for condominiums looking for this service that our separate Condominium Concierge Service department has been created.

Our experience has shown that some of the dissatisfaction of condominium service is when different roles are combined, and there is no clear understanding of the team members position at the condominium. Are they Security? Are they a concierge? Are they both? is one person able to do both successfully? Understanding that clarity is the key, 3D has separated these 2 jobs to ensure that the condominium understands the service that the are getting. In addition, the team member assigned is crystal clear on what their duties are and can work toward succeeding in making a difference at the condominium.

These staff members have undertaken a different and enhanced job description that allows them to exceed the condominiums expectation of service levels. Working with the condominium management team as well as our senior management, this team has been created to ensure that they are an asset to the property and can assist management with enriching the quality of life for all residents.

Part of this additional training includes partaking in mandatory condominium management training – this training teaches the concierge how condominiums operate, as well as what the governance they operate under, such as rules, bylaws, Condominium Act, declaration, etc.

Setting the tone and differentiating from a traditional security rule, the uniform for these team members is a formal one, traditionally a dark coloured suit as well as tie and jacket. These uniforms are purchased specifically for the individual team member, rather than off the rack, showing their value to the team and resulting in a motivated, energetic team member who is ready to make a difference at the property.

For this team, the job description is considerably different from the traditional security role as they are trained to act, within the authorization outlined in the management contract, as an active liaison for the property management team. Acting in a minor supervisory position, these team members are excellent problem-solvers who bring forth the energy in every interaction with the condominium residents. Bringing forth their enthusiasm for making a difference at the condominium, they are well trained in multiple condominium software so that they can truly fulfill the concierge roles at every prestigious condominium at which they are located.

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