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First Aid


First Aid Trained individuals may be called upon to respond to an emergency at home, work or play. Each has different challenges. While this program is primarily directed to the workplace First Aider, your knowledge and skills can be used anywhere and at any time.

Our focus in providing first aid in the workplace is creating, training, and motivating a First Aid Team to respond to emergencies. The same concepts can be used by a lone First Aider, by themselves or by directing bystanders to help.

This first aid program is designed to provide certified First Aiders with real guidance during a serious medical emergency. The program is divided into three main sections:

  • Emergency Scene Management
  • Specific First Aid Treatments
  • Additional Information

The first section, Emergency Scene Management deals with identifying hazards to protect the rescuer, understanding mechanism of injury, how to handle life threats, treat non-life-threatening conditions, provide appropriate and effective care until professionals take over.

The second section Specific First Aid Treatments provides detailed information on how to treat specific injuries/illnesses such as splinting or clearing an obstructed airway.

The final section Additional Information is a collection of ideas and recommendations to assist the First Aid Team in the performance of their duties, such as having the right equipment and an Emergency Medical Response Plan.

We hope that you and your First Aid Team will never have to provide care to a patient. We also hope to win a lottery someday. Both wishes are unlikely.

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