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Enhanced Security Team

There are times when “Good enough” just will not cut it when it comes to the security of your facility and the safety of all those within. When security is important to you and your stakeholders, you want to work with partners that take security seriously and are constantly improving the services they offer. At 3D Security and Response services, our core strengths is bringing security knowledge and experience to every job we undertake.

When we are trusted with the safety and security of people, property and information, it is expected that we will go beyond the traditional “observe and report” that has become commonplace and the standard in our industry. Point of fact is that there is a phrase that is used to describe the non-observant guards, who are sitting in a chair, too busy studying or playing on their phone to even acknowledge the presence of someone approaching them. These types of guards are referred to as just “a pulse and a uniform”. In the event of a security incident, there is just as much of a chance that they will act as an obstacle, then actually help the facility regaining their security equilibrium.

At 3D Security and Response Services, our security guards are hired and retained based on their commitment to security best practices, and their ability to train. Our guards are renowned for always looking for way to improve the services that we provide to our clients.

Our core strength is our commitment to CNEI – constant, never-ending improvement. We accomplish this by introducing our staff to main different training programs that will help them succeed in the field.

Many security companies will promote the training that they offer their guards – what they do not tell their clients are that the company actually charges the guards to take the training. At 3D Security and Response Services, we are proud to see our guards get ahead and better themselves by availing themselves to the resources we offer. Some of the courses that we have in-house, certified instructors include:

  • First Aid and Medical First Responder
  • Situational Awareness: Stopping violence BEFORE it happens
  • Verbal Judo and De-escalation communication
  • Introduction to Mental Health First Aid
  • FSD report writing (factual, succinct and direct)
  • Use of Force certification: arresting techniques and the Canadian Criminal Code

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