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About 3D Security Services

At 3D Security Services, we stress prevention over reaction. Our core business is providing security solutions to keep our clients assets safe and secure before an incident takes place. We work with condominiums, hotels, commercial and industrial facilities to identify threats and vulnerabilities that have the potential to compromise the security of the buildings. Once the existing Physical Protection System (PPS) has been evaluated and the risk(s) identified, our security experts go to work to eliminate, mitigate, reduce or off-load the risk to better protect the property. We are able to accomplish this by utilizing and incorporating recognized security designations and resources into all our projects. 3D Security Solutions is proud to provide staff with industry-recognized designations such as

By using the above referenced education and experience resources, 3D Security Services is able to recommend security solutions that are consistent with the Authorities Holding Jurisdiction (AHJ) within each industry. We don’t just provide the correct security solution – we provide the correct security solution for you !