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About 3D Security Services

3D Security and Response Services was established in 2016. Originally the company was created in order to provide security consulting to condominiums and other facilities. This was done through Security Audits / Risk Management Reports. What followed was that 3D became a recognized expert and educator for the industry. Invited to speak, educate, and present in cities from Ottawa to Windsor, we went forth to promote the value of effective training and proactive security solutions. Several valued clients contacted the management team and asked if 3D Security would be willing / able to provide the same level of expertise and professionalism in the uniformed security division. The answer was “Yes” and so beginning the research and training....

Looking at the industry, we saw that while training was available to guards, most companies charged the staff to partake in the courses. This was identified as a deterrent to providing both well-trained and motivated staff. When the team members see themselves as a source of revenue for the company that they represent, they are not motivated to attend the training sessions. This was changed from Day 1, as one of our core beliefs is that by providing the opportunity to train, we are providing the team with the opportunity to advance.

The mission statement for 3D Security - “To increase the perception of uniformed guard services province-wide by proving motivated, well trained, professional guards at every location” – is read at the beginning of every team meeting.