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  • Posted By Scott
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  • Jul 01, 2017

“Obsolete” is not the same as “Useless”

When it comes to implementing security solutions, a lot of facilities (including condominiums) are hesitant to upgrade their existing systems to newer ones. The common feeling is that they are concerned that as soon as they put in a new security device, it will become obsolete in a short span of time. They feel that this will mean that they have wasted their money on a useless system.

They are right…..

…. and they are wrong.

They are right in the fact that security solutions are a product of technology. As such, new innovations and products are continually hitting the market. The chance that there will be a newer product next year is highly likely.

They are wrong that the introduction of new product will render the existing one useless. The simple fact that buying a security solution is much like buying a computer or a car. Something bigger, better and more shiny will hit the market the next week, month or year. Using the same analogy as the computer or the car, the fact that there is something newer on the market does not diminish the work capacity of the existing product. The computer does not function any worse, just because there is a faster one available. The car still gets you from point A to point B despite the fact that there is another car with better features being sold.

Proper Planning is the critical aspect to ensure that, although the technology will become dated, it will properly service and secure the facility. If the facility ensures that the security solution that is being proposed integrates correctly into the complete security system, then the existence of other, newer solutions are rendered meaningless. To use an old Military Adage (the 7 P’s):

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pretty Poor Performance

Unfortunately, sometimes facilities are focussed on the next, great product rather than their security needs. In fact, this can lead to the “paralysis by analysis” syndrome, where a decision is never made as they are fearful of missing out on the next innovation. It must be remembered that the decision not to make a decision is a decision in itself. Waiting for the perfect moment, when technology will never advance, is not going to happen and is no way to address security requirements.

A security plan will assist in making decisions and provide an indicator of budgetary requirements. The key takeaway is that, while the security system will become dated and obsolete, it will not be useless provided proper planning takes place in the initial stages. It is never too late to start planning for the future, and a comprehensive security plan should be in every facility's future.