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Uniformed & Concierge Security Services

There are times when “Good enough” just will not cut it when it comes to the security of your condominium and the safety of all those within. When security is important to you and your stakeholders, you want to work with partners that take security seriously and are constantly improving the services they offer. At 3D Security Services, understanding the condominium process and procedures is one of our core strengths, and we bring that passion, knowledge and experience to every job we undertake.

In the security industry, there is a phrase that is used to describe the non-observant guards who are just looking for their next paycheque. We have all seen these guards sitting in a chair, too busy studying or playing on their phone to even acknowledge the presence of the condominium residents; these types of guards are referred to as just “a pulse and a uniform”. In the event of a security incident, there is just as much of a chance that they will act as an obstacle, than actually help the condominium regain their security equilibrium.

At 3D Security Services, our security guards are hired and retained on the basis of their commitment to security best practices. Our guards are renowned for always looking for way to improve the services that we provide to our clients. We attract these types of guards for a variety of reasons:

Financial Incentives

We recognize that our staff members are the number one service that we provide to our clients. Moreover, we make sure that our staff knows this as well, and we ensure that they are compensated based on the quality of the job that they perform.


Most security companies will widely promote the training that they offer their guards – what they often do not tell their clients are that the company actually charges the guards to take the training. At 3D Security Services, we are proud to see our guards get ahead and better themselves by tapping into the resources we offer. For this reason, we offer free training to our staff. An example of this is that all our guards have the opportunity to get their Use of Force certification (baton and handcuffs) as part of their employment with the company. This type of training ensures that we are sending out better, more knowledgeable guards to all our properties.

Concise Job Descriptions / Post Orders

If you are serious about the security that you are offering, it becomes rapidly apparent that cookie-cutter solutions are not what is needed. At 3D Security Services, we make sure that, before our first guard even reports for their first shift, that they are clear on what the job entails and how we expect them to accomplish the tasks. The post orders are available (on-line) to them 24/7 and they are always able to get in contact with a supervisor if there is any questions.

Security Solutions for your Condominium

As experts in condominium security, 3D Security Services is able to recommend and implement custom-designed security solutions that are unique and beneficial to individual condominiums. This can include

  • Providing proprietary software in order to proper tracking/logging of visitors (contractors, residents visitors, etc.); to the condominium
  • Offering fob tracking and audit services;
  • Designing custom security protocols based on actual risk assessments to the building.

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