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Security Incident Report Management

3D Security Services is proud to present their Security Incident Report Management Solution.

A wise person once said “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. From a security perspective, a facility wants to use previous issues and incidents to predict future security events. In this manner, the future problems can be managed and solved before they materialize, or at the very least mitigated before they materialize.

It is a standard security and property management procedure to compile, and file, incident reports whenever an unusual or potentially legal issue arises. These reports usually contain plenty of useful information, but, when they are being filed, caution must be exercised to ensure that they are filed in a manner that allows for easiest retrieval of that information. Information that is complicated to access is the same as not having any information at all. In addition, the information must be stored in such a manner that allows the user to easily conduct searches to gather relevant information.

Sadly, there are still buildings that store their incident reports via hard copy in a filing cabinet. Some may take the extra step of scanning in the report and saving it to the server. While this does serve as an excellent back-up, it does nothing to enhance monitoring and search ability of the information. In order to compile a report, a laborious and time-consuming process must be undertaken. Additionally, it is rare that either pictures or videos are stored with the report, so additional searches must then take place within the archived Video Surveillance System.

The Condominium Security Incident Management Service allows facility and buildings to out-source this important function, so as to ensure that the information will be available whenever it is needed.

This service includes:

  • Report template to ensure all relevant information is captured
  • Database management including pictures/video storage
  • Analysis of crime trends in surrounding area
  • Monthly report for Board Meetings includes:

    - Security incidents from past month
    - Industry trends and watch list
    - Security Incidents from surrounding area

  • Security tip of the month
  • Annual report prepared for Annual General Meeting


#1   Custom reports are available upon request.

#2   All 3D Security Services staff with access to this information posses a valid secret clearance from Public Works.

#3   This service is provided complementary to condominiums that undertake a security audit or it can be subscribed to for a low monthly fee.

More frequently, Condominium Security is an issue that is being raised by owners at the Annual General Meeting. With the Annual Security report in hand, Boards of Directors never need to worry about having complete and accurate information to answer their concerns.

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